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Baker Sterchi Obtains Favorable Result for Retail Client at Trial

After a week-long trial in which plaintiff alleged severe physical and mental injuries left her disabled after being hit by a shopping cart in our client’s retail store, a Kansas Federal jury returned a verdict finding our client to be 100% at fault. Throughout the litigation, the client admitted the shopping cart had struck plaintiff (as shown by surveillance video), but disputed plaintiff’s alleged damages.  The jury awarded plaintiff $13,151 in medicals, $3,000 in pain and suffering, $0 for lost wages, $0 for future medicals, and $0 for loss of earning capacity, for a total judgment of $16,151.  Plaintiff, before trial, demanded $265,000 and rejected defendant’s $25,000 offer to settle.  At trial, plaintiff asked for $2,000,000. 

Services: Retail, Personal Injury Defense and Premises Liability
Attorneys: Jonathan E. Benevides


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