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Missouri Lawyers Media Honors Baker Sterchi Professionals with 2021 Unsung Legal Heroes Award

Missouri Lawyers Media has selected Baker Sterchi professionals Brenda Raynes and Pam Perica Ritter to receive the 2021 Unsung Legal Heroes Award, an annual award honoring law firm professionals who have consistently supported attorney efforts beyond the call of duty.

Raynes, recognized in the legal secretary category, is a legal administrative assistant located in St. Louis. Many consider her a go-to person in the St. Louis office because of the depth of her knowledge, serving as a great mentor for other legal administrative assistants, paralegals, and attorneys alike.

“Over the years, I am confident I have thrown [Brenda] every conceivable challenge in work and scheduling demands,” said Baker Sterchi attorney Paul Venker who has worked Raynes for more than 18 years. "She has shown real grit and professionalism throughout and has always been able to keep a good sense of humor, a good deal of patience and a smile on her face."

Ritter, recognized in the paralegal category for her work as a nurse paralegal, has been a registered nurse since 1974 and has worked as a nurse paralegal for nearly 30 years, including 21 years in Baker Sterchi’s Kansas City office.

As a legal nurse, she has experience reviewing, summarizing and analyzing medical records and other pertinent health care and legal documents. She also has experience researching relevant healthcare-related literature, guidelines, standards and regulations and assists with trial preparation by providing demonstrative aids, anatomical models, and timelines.  Her medical analysis is used to develop case strategy and has reduced settlement award amounts for firm clients.

“Pam has worked tirelessly to give us the edge when it comes to medical knowledge and information that can be presented clearly and understandably to juries as well as mediators and client decision-makers," said Baker Sterchi attorney Hal Meltzer who has worked with Ritter for the majority of her legal nursing career.  “Through the years, she has been in the courtroom during key medical testimony and, as a consummate observer, recognized when jurors needed additional information to understand complex medical issues and provided the input to develop the necessary presentation whether it be on direct examination of our experts or cross-examination of an opposing parties’ experts or treating physicians." 

All 2021 Missouri Lawyers Media Unsung Legal Heroes Award winners are recognized in a July 19 special section of Missouri Lawyers Weekly.


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